About Us

Having more than 25 years of experience in oil and gas industry, and more than a decade in the recruitment and selection area, IOORS, with its Managing Director, has been considered as one of main personnel agencies for some of our clients.

We have strong knowledge on how to recruit and select professional candidates for various positions in the industry. IOORS understands the general requirements for each position, and respects the speciļ¬c needs of the clients.

IOORS started its journey because of the passion to deal with people in oil and gas industry. We have committed ourselves to be a people-oriented company. Find out more about our statement of beliefs that guides our day-to-day operation.

IOORS has been an international minded recruitment agency since its conception and therefore it is also supported by a group of international professionals based in our main office in the Netherlands. The mix in the internal team has helped us to understand the culture of our multinational candidates even better.

Find out more about IOORS and its business partners, and our social involvement in our community.