Employee Testimonials

“I have found IOORS to be a very professional agency that really looks after its clients with a personnel touch that you don’t get at the big companies where you are just a number.
I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of working for them and look forward to working with them again.”
- JAMES BEADLE, Offshore Construction Manager. Juniper Project. Bourbon Subsea / BP Trinidad

“In the later part of 2017 I was recruited as Offshore Construction Manager by IOORS International (Michel Podgaietsky) for Subsea Commissioning Operations on the Juniper project conducted by Bourbon Subsea on behalf of BP Trinidad.
I found Michel and his team very friendly and approachable; they kept me up to date with developments prior to my deployment to Trinidad. The support package; (medical / repatriation, insurance etc.) was well formulated and it is always good to have an agency take care of this part of the recruitment process.
Hopefully more work in the oil & gas industry will develop in the coming New Year and I remain one of IOORS multi skilled candidates, and then additional work will come my way.
I am looking forward to many more opportunities working with IOORS. Thank you.”
- PHIL NEWMAN, Offshore Construction Manager. Juniper Project. Bourbon Subsea / BP Trinidad

“Since joining IOORS I have been very impressed with the personal service received from Michel, nothing appears to be too much trouble for him to either organise or assist with regardless to the time of day.
I have been in offshore industry over 23 years and I feel that, for the very first time, I am being treated as a worthy individual and not just a number or a "bum on a seat".
IOORS provides to me both up to date and professional assistance in all the areas that I expect - thus ensuring all parties are in full understanding and more importantly happy with our relationship.”
- DAVE CROSS, Offshore Construction Manager. Juniper Project. Bourbon Subsea / BP Trinidad

“I am Udayakumar joined the IOORS three years ago. Since I joined, IOORS has been very supportive in my professional career development. I am proud to be a member of IOORS and feel my contributions help IOORS to maintain and enhance its reputation. I look forward to a bright future with IOORS.” - UDAYAKUMAR SELVARAJ, Onshore Planning Engineer ERHA North Phase 2 Project AVEON Offshore / Nigeria

“I have chosen to remain freelance with IOORS due to the fact that IOORS has rendered a very professional organizational service to their employees, ensuring that all visa requirements are professionally handled in advance even as far as having my passport picked up and delivered to my address.
IOORS also ensures that all medical and insurance are covered during the period of time that I am expatriated.
I have developed over the years a good working relationship with all the employees of IOORs as well as the managing director Michel, who understands the difficulties faced by employees due to his own personal experience.
IOORs have multiple clients thus more work opportunities, and has tried effortlessly to keep me employed during shortage of work due to low oil price.”
- GERALD GREY, Offshore HSE Advisor WND Project SUBSEA 7 Rockwater 2 / Egypt

“Excellent service and professionally by IOORS since I start working with them last year, I’m very happy to say that my experience with IOORS People was very positive. Mr. Michel Podgaietsky, Professional Recruitment Managing Director was very approachable and professional. He kept in contact with me throughout the whole process always giving solid and useful advice. I would definitely highly recommend IOORS for anyone looking for perfect agency.” - HAYTHAM EL SAYED, Offshore Medic WND Project SUBSEA 7 Rockwater 2 & Seven Eagle / Egypt

“Over years I have worked for IOORS on all different project from onshore to offshore installations.
What I can say about IOORS is that they are always looking out for the best interest of who is on their books, be that from a phone call-email to check how the staff on their books are doing and or have any concerns.
IOORS has an open door policy where you can have discussions and you get prompt response for them no matter the concern.
When you sign a contract with IOOORS you become part of the family, (rather than just a contract with very little communications or feelings.)
I could not ask for a better agent that looks after my needs and is always there for me and my family.
Michel the CEO of IOORS and myself over the years have been through a lot together, the help I received from Michel in the past I could not add any money value as it was up and above the norm.
I would recommend anyone who is looking for an agent of value, to use IOORS.”
- KEITH COOK, Onshore HSSE Superintendent FLNG Prelude Project TECHNIP / Korea

“I choose IOORS as they are professional in the service they deliver.
They care for the team and always assistance where assistance is needed.
As an HSE professional I need to also Freelance professionals.
Thank you IOORS for being there for us.”
- ERNEST ELLARD, Onshore HSSE Lead TEN Project TECHNIP / Ghana

“To be honest, IOORS from the CEO with all IOORS staff delivers an exceptional service and thus far never had any issues relating to questions and information which was dealt in a professional manner and will remain with IOORS as long as they will have me. Thank you.” - RODNEY JOOSTE, Offshore HSE Officer, MALIKAI Project HEEREMA / Malaysia - Singapore

Tailored service and strong support

“It has been nearly a year since I joined IOORS and I must say Michel and his team impressed me at every stage.
From the first interview to the annual feedback, IOORS has demonstrated highly professional skills as well as true human values. Everybody has always been available and extremely reactive to support me in every legal aspect of a freelance position's specifics.
In fact, chances are you will rarely encounter such welcoming, well organised and employee focused company that makes you feel you truly are part of it from your very first day. IOORS is definitely one of them.”
- VINCENT CHIARONI, Offshore Rigid Flowline Field Engineer MOHO NORD Project G1200 TECHNIP / Congo

“It was the best change I made in my professional career by joining IOORS, I found a great team to work with Michel Podgaietsky, and the team, showing all the support I needed starting from fighting for the best deal for me passing through. Their follow-up and communication throughout the project makes sure I get my earned payments in time. Really it’s invaluable services.
I choose to join IOORS for their Competency, Good reputation and very efficient services. They are working with integrity and are reliable in every aspect.
I highly recommend IOORS for anyone seeking the perfect job, deal and peace of mind..” - Dr MOHAMED ABDEALEAM MAHMOUD, Offshore Senior Medical Team Leader WND Project SUBSEA 7, 7 Antares & Rockwater 2 / Egypt

Professional and friendly service

“The IOORS consultant provided a very professional, friendly service which enabled me to travel away overseas with confidence. The support and advice I was given was crucial during the negotiation with my new employer. I would not hesitate to recommend IOORS to anyone looking to change role. IOORS exceeded my expectations and made my career expand with easily, enjoyable and ultimately very rewarding. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a new challenge in their career.” - ROSTER ANAK MARINGAI, Offshore Crane Operator Seme Field Project GEOCEAN / Benin

Personalized Service

“It was the best change I made in my professional career by joining IOORS, two years ago, looking for staff with the best service and a very personalized way. Thank you for everything.” - MÁRIO RUAS, E&I, Onshore Automation Expert Lobito Construction Yard Project SONACERGY / Angola

Communication & Support

“I have been working with IOORS since December 2012 in Angola, I found a young but great team to work with, and all the support I needed they were there. Their follow-up and communication throughout the project had been invaluable. I can see myself on a partnership with IOORS trough many more years.” - JOÃO FERREIRA, Onshore HSE Advisor CLOV Project SUBSEA7 / Angola

Service beyond Extra Miles

“I am glad to be part of IOORS. I choose to join IOORS for their smart and very efficient services. IOORS is now my second family who always care for my needs related to my job. I would like to thank IOORS for having me as one of its candidates. For oil and gas projects, I highly recommend IOORS for the Service beyond Extra Miles. Keep up the good work.” - DANTE P. VALMORIA, Offshore Crane Operator Seme Field Project GEOCEAN / Benin

Good Communication

“I am very happy to be part of IOORS for 6 - 8 years long. One of the reasons of me staying with IOORS for such a long period because of the working relationship with Michel. It is always good to have an agency take care of everything including the reliable insurance and also on time payment allowance. IOORS is always growing as a recruiter and providing excellent services.” - ALAN HANEY, Onshore Project QA Manager MOHO Nord UFR Project TECHNIP - TOTAL E&P / France

First Class Administration

“Having worked for many years for IOORS. I have nothing but praise for Michel Podgaietsky and his company. Michel has always come up with the goods when a new position had to be found and most of all the administration was first class. I look forward to continued association with IOORS.” - ALAN JOHNSON, Onshore Subcontracts Engineer BURULLUS Project TECHNIP / Cyprus

Professional Assistance

“During the past years which I have worked on various projects and in various locations I have received only excellent service and assistance from IOORS.
Mr Podgaietsky gave personal attention to me and I have never been made to feel like just a number. Not only Mr Podgaietsky but everyone I have had dealings with at IOORS have been nothing but professional in the assistance they have offered me.
I am looking forward to many more years working with IOORS.” - BRUCE MERRYWEATHER, Offshore HSE Advisor Seven Pacific Vessel SUBSEA 7 / Angola

Trust, Concern and Attention

“Through my network, Michel found for me a fine job as a dredge consultant in France. He has proven to fight for the best deal for you and makes sure you get your earned payments in time, always.
Michel does really thinks about his personnel and gives them a feeling of trust, concern and attention. He is very serious in that.
From the experiences I have with other recruiting agencies, I can tell, Michel is among the best. He is a professional!!!” - CHRIS VAN SON, Onshore Dredging Project Manager ENI Jangkrik Project TECHNIP / Indonesia - France

Blessed with Ethical Business Dealings

“Michel is a Professional Recruitment Managing Director of IOORS International who works with integrity and is reliable in every aspect one would expect a Recruiting company to be. I have never been witness to Michel sacrificing his values of excellence above all else in order to gain a contract and feel that he is extremely rare in this industry. It is a service quality sorely lacking in most Recruitment Agencies around today as most are only concerned on increasing themselves and not applying personal attention to their employees / candidates. This is the area that I feel Michel has set a benchmark in the Industry and believe he will be truly blessed with his ethical business dealings.” - LENNARD FOSTER, Onshore HSSE & SP Manager FLNG Prelude Project TECHNIP / Korea

Good Communication

“I was recruited by IOORS International (Michel Podgaietsky) at the beginning of the year for a big project in Angola. During all that time, I have made a good relationship with him and his team. They are all very professional and serious with good communication skills and this is exactly what I expect from an agency in regards to each IOORS Employers. I’m fully satisfied by IOORS and his work quality.” - LUDOVIC TORRES, Onshore IMCA Air Diving Supervisor Lobito Construction Yard SONACERGY / Angola

Listening Carefully

“IOORS is very pleasant to work with, they pay good attention to the employee and listen carefully to them. Michel and his employees have helped me a lot. They are working hard to become a bigger company, to exceed everyone’s expectations. I am working for IOORS for a couple of years now and I am really glad I still do. I highly recommend IOORS as an agent, because they are really nice people to work with and to be in contact with. If someone is searching for a good agent to take care of your resume, IOORS will be the one you need to go to.” - MATHIEU HOUSSEMAND, Onshore Construction Manager Lobito Construction Yard SONACERGY / Angola

Illustre Dirigeant

“Un Hommage à Michel qui de par son écoute me permet de vivre différemment et agréablement. Hommage sincère & tout à fait mérité à une personne qui a contribué à rendre ma vie + heureuse.
J’énoncerai la phrase suivante pour le qualifier : Il est plus facile d’exploiter les faiblesses que de Michel aime les défis. Ses compétences rayonnent et ces qualificatifs vont à son entreprise et ses employés.
Bref, cet illustre Dirigeant cherche à apporter du bien-être dans les relations et non du bien paraitre pour compenser un ego ignorant. Bien à lui.” - PHILIPPE BOURDEL, Onshore Site Engineering Manager Extension of CSP Infrastructure Project EGIS / Congo

Excellent Service

“In 2006 I was recruited by IOORS International (Michel Podgaietsky). Over the past 4 years I experienced an excellent service from IOORS. Mr Podgaietsky gives his personal attention to each employee IOORS has recruited. Furthermore, IOORS negotiate excellent salary packages on your behalf. I am highly satisfied with IOORS.” - JP VAN NIEKERK, Onshore HSES Superintendent FLNG Prelude Project TECHNIP / Korea

Honnêteté et Compétences

“Michel était mon B2B sur le projet Total South Pars en Iran. Un professionnel jusqu'au bout des ongles comme on en fait plus beaucoup! Honnêteté et compétences avec un charisme sur overdrive! Tout cela lui a permis d'être ou il est aujourd'hui et où il continue à être lui - même c'est à dire mon AMI! Faites-lui confiance, vous ne le regretterez jamais (comme le riz Oncle Ben).” - ALAIN STACHLER, Conseillé HSE

Highly Recommended

“It’s highly pleased to work through I.O.O.R.S. B.V and Mr Michel Podgaietsky. He has topmost quality in dealing with me time to time and always promoting me well with lots of kind. I would highly recommend as a best recruiter for Oil and Energy jobs.” - SENTHIL KUMAR, Offshore QC Welding Inspector PAZFLOR/Jubilee Projects SERIMAX / Ghana

Supportive and Promoting

“Mr Podgaietsky, Michel has worked to place me at various Offshore Engineering Companies the past few years. I have always found him very Supportive and, always Promoting my Interests. It has always been a pleasure to work with Michel and I would recommend him as a Professional Representative to anyone in the Onshore or, Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.” - SHAWN LIEBENBERG, Offshore HSE Advisor SANHA Condensate Project Block 0, Area B & C. ACERGY – STOLT OFFSHORE Congo / Cabinda-Angola, Africa