Growing up in an environment with valuable professional experience in the Oil and Gas, I was very soon familiarized with the Industry. At the age of 18, I had the opportunity to work as a Deck Helper during 4 weeks on a Supply Vessel in the North Sea. This experience introduced me to the exciting and adventurous world of this industry.

However, due to my passion of becoming a pilot, I completed a 5 years study at the ESTACA (specialized in Aeronautical Engineering) but unfortunately I couldn't integrate the ENAC Pilot School due to their strict age limitations.

While studying at the ESTACA, during the summer holidays, I had two more opportunities to go Offshore and Onshore to complete my Oil and Gas experience as Data Logger and QC Inspector in the North Sea and in the Middle East.

Upon graduation as an Aeronautic Engineer in 1986, I was offered a job at Marcel Dassault Breguet Aviation. Nevertheless, this job wasn't intriguing enough for me. As a result, I decided to build a career in the Oil and Gas Industry as shown in the timeline below.

IOORS Timeline

  • 1986 - 1992

    After 2 years in the Military Marine Troupes in New Caledonia, I worked with Entrepose International/GTM on the Onshore Pipeline Rabi/N'tchengue Project in Gabon holding the following positions:

    1. Assistant Spreadboss
    2. Logistics Base Manager
    3. Hydro-Test Engineer

    Then, with the same company, in Malaysia for the Peninsular Gas Utilisation Project Stage II as a Hydro-Test Engineer

  • 1992 - 1996

    After completion of the Onshore Projects, I was offered the position of Projects/Operations Senior Engineer for McDermott/ETPM in Rotterdam - Offshore North Sea Operations/Pipe Laying Activities on the following Projects:

    • Total Oil Marine/Alwyn South Pipeline
    • Dunbar
    • Frigg/Froy Interfield Lines
    • Elf Norge Frost
    • Shell Nelson
    • Amoco Cats

    In 1995, I was assigned to SERIMER DASA France as a Project Coordinator ETPM Representative for the Statoil Zeepipe IIB/Norfra Projects.

  • 1996 - 2001

    Still being employed by McDermott / ETPM in Rotterdam – I held the position of Offshore Production Supervisor on the LB 200 for the North Sea Operations/Pipe Laying Activities on the Statoil Zeepipe IIB/Norfra Projects.

    In 1998, after completion of my NEBOSH / DNV HSE Training, I held the position of Health, Safety and Environment Division Manager for North Sea Offshore Pipe-Laying Projects with Statoil; Shell; British Gas; Conoco; Elf.

    From 1999 to 2000, based in Paris with Stolt Offshore, I was offered the position of Corporate Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager for South Europe, Africa and Middle East Regions. Projects performed:

    • Shell Draugen
    • Shell EA
    • Shell Bonga
    • ELF Amenam; MPG Girassol
  • 2001 - 2004

    In 2001, for 6 months as a freelancer, I worked for Total FINA ELF as a Health, Safety and Environmental Manager for South Pars Field Development Project Phase 2 and 3 in Iran.

    In June 2001, I came back to The Netherlands to hold the position of Onshore and Offshore Health, Safety and Environmental Engineer for 3 years on a permanent contract with Bluewater Energy Services for the SOEKOR South Africa/FPSO Glas Dowr; DJENO Congo; SPM SAKHALIN Russia Project.

    In September that year, I created the company IOORS but I mainly worked part-time until 2004. Due to the increased number of personnel mobilised onshore and offshore I decided to focus my attention and permanently managed IOORS.

    Our 1st Candidate was mobilised with SAIPEM and others with Stolt Offshore and TECHNIP.

  • 2004 - present

    From our very good experiences with the first Client and mobilised candidate, we did reach a recognised level of appreciation from both parties. This was used as our starting point to consolidate our future network and corporate growth.

    After 10 years of existence, IOORS now owns an office in Oud-Beijerland and has built up a Personnel Data Base of 1300 multinational candidates, experienced and skilled in the main Oil and Gas activities.

    We are now represented in Angola, South Africa, Indonesia, Norway, Singapore, Brazil and United Arab Emirates by local Agents / Business Partners, who handle and assist us with local Rules and Regulations / Work Permit and all administrative duties mandatory to assist our candidates on Site. Today, IOORS is working in a partnership spirit with 20 Clients.