Insurance and Combined Liability Insurance

Health and Safety of the personnel working in Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas projects is one of IOORS' top priorities. IOORS cooperates with international insurance companies to ensure every personnel’s welfare conditions are kept to the highest standard.

The following are our International Insurance Coverage:

PREVINTER Mobility Benefits for Medical Healthcare, Disability & Death

To make sure our Personnel are fully covered, we have an Additional Insurance that covers Sick Leave due to Illness or Accidents with payments of 70% of the candidates Monthly Wages after 30 days at home.

Since the 2009, all personnel on Worldwide Projects insured under IOORS now have a login and password information that gives them access through the Insurance providers Web Site to reviewing their ongoing Insurances Policies and check coverage details.

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International SOS for Repatriation (Accidents & Illness)


We also have an Employer's Combined Liability Insurance (Employer's Liability and Public Liability) which covers IOORS in case of fault, negligence, error or oversight attributable to IOORS in the performance of our services and covering a bodily harm or financial loss or intangible damage to any third party including our Clients.

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