To support our operation in international mobilization, IOORS is deeply in cooperation with local and international companies. We value our network as indispensable to offer effective and efficient services to the clients and candidates.

One of the most focal point from our activities is insurance protection for any candidates we mobilized. It is extremely important to provide the protection for the candidates as we care about their and their family welfare. We are providing complete range of protection for our candidates, from medical health, death (natural or accidental), and disability protection (with income protection).

The nature of the industry required our employee to go around the world. Not all of those places have a good healthcare facilities. That is why we also provide international repatriation from well known, International SOS.

Read more about our combined liability insurance, that will be one of the main interest of our clients.

Our other network also include travel agents, another recruitment agencies, visa companies, certification providers, and many others. Their services are essential for our business, especially to support our employee mobilization.